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Barometer with Digital Thermometer Baromex

Sato Barometer 7612-00 Baromex A barometer with a digital thermometer.

The index pointer enables you to see changes in atmospheric pressure.

The bracket made of ABS resin for wall mount makes the installation easy.

Barometer with Thermometer Analog

Barometer with Thermometer Analog

Sato Barometer 7610-20 is an authentic barometer used for meteorological observations.

You can easily find the variation of air pressure with the reference pointer.

Its classical design with the brass frame makes a great interior decor.


Fiber Optic Thermometer FL Series

Anritsu FL Series can measure temperatures in environments subject to high-frequency waves, microwaves, or high voltages-areas where electric thermometers such as thermocouples, platinum resistance temperature detectors, and thermistors are typically ineffective.

・Capable of measurements in environments subject to high-frequency waves or high voltages.
・A fiber optic thermometer offering a wide measurement range.
・Analog output capability allows use for machine temperature control.
・Measurement data can be imported into a PC using software* bundles with the thermometer.
* for Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (for English)


Heat Stress Monitor WBGT

Sato WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Model SK-170GT is a handy type instrument that can measure temperature, humidity and globe temperature to measure the WBGT index.
This can be used as a guide for preventing heat stroke and estimating heat stress of working and activity environments.
(Conforming to JIS B 7922 Class 2)


Liquid Filled Thermometer

Hyoda Japan Offers various types of thermometers: highly sensitive Bourdon-tube thermometer, high-output multi-contact thermometer with bellows equipped at pressure receiver, mechatronics type that incorporates an IC (integrated circuit) for transmission of multi-contact local directions and remote electric directions. Use these thermometers for temperature controls in a wide range.


Steel Cased Digital Thermometer Pocket-Probe

The STEEL CASED EDL Pocket-Probe® Digital Pyrometer is engineered to be durable! It's rugged, reliable, and consistently accurate with repeatable measurements. Pocket-Probe® pyrometers feature full range measurements and offer 0.1° resolution. The instrument is available with an optional shatterproof Lexan window display. 

Perfect for use on the production floor as well as in the lab! The Pocket-Probe® accepts mini-plug terminated sensors of the same thermocouple type. EDL instruments are hand crafted, made in the USA, and constructed from the finest materials available.


Temperature And Humidity Meter Highest II

Sato Temperature and Humidity Meter Highest II 7542-00.

Human hair bundle for humidity and a thermistor for temperature are used as sensors.

This hygrometer is designed with focus on reliability. Bracket for wall mounting is attached.


Thermo Printer AP400 AP450

It is not just a thermometer, it is a Anritsu thermometer with the built in printer! Linear print system is possible high speed and stuck less. You may printout your temperature data anywhere at anytime! The reliable Anritsu AP-450 series corresponds to your application

AP-450 is replacement of AP-800 (AP-800K, AP-800E, AP-850K, AP-850E) series


Waterproof Digital Thermometer With Memory And Alarm SK-1260

Sato Waterproof DIgital Thermometer SK-1260 with memory and alarm functin.

Suitable for temperature control and data management in laboratories, factories and offices. Various optional probes are available for a wide variety of applications.

Standard probe SK-S100K(K Thermocouple) is attached as accessories.

>Note: No sensor convertibility for SK-1250MCIII α & SK-1260

Waterproof Infrared Thermometer SK-8950

Waterproof Infrared Thermometer SK-8950

Sato SK-8950 is a waterproof type Infrared thermometer having the circle laser marker that surrounds the measuring area with red laser.

The Waterproof/dustproof property is IP 54.

The measuring range is -60 to 550°C.

Emissivity is settable with 0.01 steps between 0.10 to 1.00

Anritsu HD Thermometer

Waterproof Thermometer HD1200 series

Anritsu HD series are high accuracy handheld thermometers by Anritsu meter. The high accuracy is realized by adopted the thermocouple material from input plug to cold junction It has automatic standard voltage calibration system, hence achieved high accuracy, high response and high stability. This is the right tool if you are looking for precise temperature measurement!

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