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Waterproof Thermometer HR series Waterproof Thermometer HR series

Waterproof Thermometer HR series

Anritsu HR series are high accuracy handheld thermometers by Anritsu meter. The high accuracy is realized by adopted the thermocouple material from input plug to cold junction It has automatic standard voltage calibration system, hence achieved high accuracy, high response and high stability. This is the right tool if you are looking for precise temperature measurement!

Anritsu HR

Anritsu HR

HR series handheld thermometers allow easy temperature measurement.
These general-purpose thermometers can be used for on-site temperature measurement and various other applications.

  • High accuracy ±0.2°C(at 0°C)
  • Free test report included
  • Accurate temperature measurement is available under rapid changes in environmental temperature.
  • Use of the same materials as thermocouples into an input part.
  • Integration of reference junction and reference junction compensator.
  • Waterproof specifications : Equivalent to IPX5(HR-11*0,12*0,14*0,1650,1750)
  • Made in japan
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Easy operation
  • Low power consumption.
  • Capable of 300 hours of continuous operation(HR-11*0,12*0,14*0,1650,1750)
  • Various probes available(sold separately)
  • Memory function(HR-15*0)
  • capable of storing up to 9999 data
  • Time interval selectable(9type)
  • Manual measurement available
  • The playback function allows you to check data stored in memory.
  • Data stored in memory can be transmitted to a personal computer by the software AMS-350.
  • CE Marking

Anritsu HR1100 Anritsu HR1150

Standard model

HR-1150E / HR-1150K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1100E / HR-1100K
   (Input connector ASP)

Anritsu HR1200 Anritsu HR1250

Standard model

HR-1250E / HR-1250K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1200E / HR-1200K
   (Input connector ASP)

(* analog output type is available.)

iconiconHOLDAUTO OFFrespvbl

Anritsu HR1300 Anritsu HR1350

High function model

HR-1350E / HR-1350K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1300E / HR-1300K
   (Input connector ASP)

(* analog output type is available.)

HoldAuto offresPVblALM SETCAL SET

Anritsu HR1400 Anritsu HR1450

LED display model

HR-1450E / HR-1450K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1400E / HR-1400K
   (Input connector ASP)
iconHoldAuto off

Anritsu HR1550 Anritsu HR1500

Memory model

HR-1550E / HR-1550K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1500E / HR-1500K
(Input connector ASP)

holdAuto offresPVblSETPLAY BACK

Anritsu HR1600 Anritsu HR1650

Basic model(°C / °F)

HR-1650E / HR-1650K
    (Input connector ANP)

bousui.gifhold.gifao.gif< cf_c.gif<

Anritsu HR1700 Anritsu HR1750

Standard model(°C / °F)

HR-1750E / HR-1750K
   (Input connector ANP)


Anritsu HR

Anritsu HR

Available models:

HR-1100E HR-1150E (replacement for HD-1100E, HD-1150E)
HR-1100K HR-1150K (replacement for HD-1100K, HD-1150K)
HR-1200E HR-1250E (replacement for HD-1200E, HD-1250E)
HR-1200K HR-1250K (replacement for HD-1200K, HD-1250K)
HR-1300E HR-1350E (replacement for HD-1300E, HD-1350E)
HR-1300K HR-1350K (replacement for HD-1300K, HD-1350K)
HR-1400E HR-1450E (replacement for HD-1400E, HD-1450E), with LED display
HR-1400K HR-1450K (replacement for HD-1400K, HD-1450K), with LED display
HR-1500E HR-1550E (replacement for HD-1500E, HD-1550E), with memory function
HR-1500K HR-1550K (replacement for HD-1500K, HD-1550K), with memory function


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