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Combustible Gas Transmitter

MSR ADT transmitter with digital processing of the measured values and temperature compensation for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air and detection of combustible gases and vapours. The calibration routine with selective access release enables the comfortable calibration of the transmitter. In addition to the standard analog output (0) 4-20 mA or (0) 2- 10 V DC the ADT-23 is equipped with a RS-485 interface for different protocols. Two relays with adjustable switch threshold are available as an option.

Freon Gas Transmitter

MSR MA-4 Freon Analog transmitter for the continuous monitoring of gases and vapours in the ambient air. Used in garages, chiller rooms and heating systems, the µ-Gard MA series analog transmitter is a reliable gas detector.

For the detection of gases within a wide range of commercial applications. Due to the 4 – 20 mA or 0 - 10 V analog signal the transmitter is compatible to the µ-Gard gas controller series ADC of MSR-E.

Gas Alarm System

MSR measures gas efficiently at mininum wiring expenditure (Radio-Sensor/Transmitter RT). With most diverse measurement, MSR is experienced in detecting combustible and toxic gases. Using the MSR components, you will have higher investment return and lower maintenance costs.

Applications examples:
1) Parking Garages - continuous monitoring of harmful CO content in air
2) Diesel-Truck Garages and Cargo Areas - continuous monitoring of harmful NOx content in air
3) Refrigeration Plants - early detection and warning of refrigerant leaks
4) Laboratories - continuous monitoring of oxygen in air
5) Heating systems - early detection and warning of combustible gases

Leak Detector

If gases escape through leaks in piping systems (e.g. untight screwed connections, corrosions and so on) ultrasonic noises are generated. By means of LD 400 even the smallest leakages which cannot be heard by the human ear can be detected even from distances of several meters. LD 400 transforms the inaudible signals into a frequency which can be identified. By means of the comfortable sound-proof headset these noises can be realized even in extremely noisy environments.

Due to a particularly designed acoustic trumpet a better focusing of the acoustic waves is achieved. This acoustic trumpet acts like a directional microphone while interfering ambient noises are cushioned and the accurate localization of the leakages is eased even in areas which are difficult to access.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector is ideal for detecting and locating sources of ultrasonic sound through the use of sophisticated electronic circuitry. Unaffected by audible noise, Whisper incorporates an Internal Noise Control allowing for use in extremely noisy environments, such as mechanical rooms, and around operating chillers. Because Whisper is designed to detect ultrasound at 40.5 kHz, not even a murmur will escape detection.

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