Since 1974, Watanabe Electric Industry has been developing and selling signal converters, and have been broadly adopted in the areas of factory automation, process automation and building automation.

Watanabe Electric Industry  offer two types of signal converters, an easy to maintain plug-in type and a terminal block type, and with our abundant lineup, we have the ability to quickly deliver products to customers. The noise resistance performance has greatly improved in our recently released products, with a long term guarantee of 5 years, and are designed taking into the consideration the various installation environments of customers.

While advanced digital technologies are required in order to realize more accurate automation, Watanabe Electric Industry  digital instruments have achieved remarkable development in response to the needs of the times.

Watanabe Electric Industry  support a broad range of digital measurements for facilities and production from digital panel meters for common displays (voltage, current, temperature, revolutions, pressure, resistance, frequency and etc.) known as "Digi-pane" (registered trademark of Watanabe Electric Industry), to advanced control systems (determination functions, communication complex functions and etc.) and have achieved the leading lineup in the industry.

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Watanabe Digital Panel Meter WPMZ

Digital Panel Meter WPMZ

Watanabe developed WPMZ series as multi-display digital panel meter matched to the production site, and focused on the basic performance such as [1. Easy to read] [2. Easy to use].

WPMZ is a product that can cover various requirements, such as process monitoring, quality judgement etc. at the production site for various applications and environment.

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