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3-in-1 Dewpoint, Pressure, Temperature Transmitter for SF6 Gas DPT145

The Vaisala Dewpoint, Pressure and Temperature Multiparameter Transmitter DPT145 for SF6 Gas is a unique innovation that enables online measurement of dew point, pressure, and temperature. It also calculates four other values, including SF6 density. The DPT145 is especially well suited for integration into OEM systems.

- First transmitter to offer online measurement of seven SF6 parameters in one unit
- Measured parameters: dew point, pressure, temperature
- Calculated parameters: SF6 density, normalized pressure, dew point in atmospheric pressure, ppm
- Saves time and money across the board, from investment and installation to operation and servicing
- More reliable assessment of the condition of SF6 insulation due to online measurement
- Long calibration interval of years


Analog Barometric Pressure Transmitter PTB110

Vaisala PTB110 Analog Barometer is designed both for accurate barometric measurements at room temperature and for general environmental pressure monitoring over a wide temperature range. Ideal for system integrations, and widely used in marine buoys and weather stations.


Barograph NSII-BQ

Sato Barograph NSII-BQ (Cat No 7237-00)

Barograph measures atmospheric pressure with the range of 940 to 1045 hPa and records the measured data on a chart..

Recording period is changeable in 1 day, 7 day and 32 day by the cylinder speed switch.

One box (55 sheets/box) of 7-day chart for one year use is included.


Barometer with Digital Thermometer Baromex

Sato Barometer 7612-00 Baromex A barometer with a digital thermometer.

The index pointer enables you to see changes in atmospheric pressure.

The bracket made of ABS resin for wall mount makes the installation easy.

Barometer with Thermometer Analog

Barometer with Thermometer Analog

Sato Barometer 7610-20 is an authentic barometer used for meteorological observations.

You can easily find the variation of air pressure with the reference pointer.

Its classical design with the brass frame makes a great interior decor.


Barometric Pressure Transfer Standard PTB330TS

Vaisala BAROCAP® Digital Barometer PTB330 is a new generation barometer designed for a wide range of highend atmospheric pressure measurement.

The pressure measurement of the PTB330 is based on the Vaisala in-house, silicon capacitive, absolute pressure sensor – the Vaisala BAROCAP® Sensor. It provides high measurement accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

High accuracy The PTB330 series features extremely high accuracy. Class A barometers for the most demanding applications are fi ne-adjusted and calibrated against a high-precision pressure calibrator.

All the PTB330 barometers come with a NIST traceable, factory calibration certifi cate, also optional ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation calibration services are available. Reliability through redundancy


Dewpoint And Pressure Transmitter For Compressed Air DPT146

The Vaisala Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitter DPT146 for Compressed Air makes monitoring compressed air simple and convenient. The Vaisala Dewpoint Transmitter for Compressed Air DPT146 measures both dew point and process pressure simultaneously, and is the ideal choice for anyone using or monitoring compressed air.

- The first transmitter that monitors both dew point and process pressure
- A simple and convenient transmitter for monitoring of compressed air
- Highly accurate humidity information thanks to online pressure-compensated dew point data
- Proven sensor technology
- Compatible with the Vaisala Hand-Held DM70 for easy spot checking, local - display and data logging
- Pressure: 1…10 bar
- Dew point: -60 ... +30 °C 

Kalinsky Differential Pressure Transmitter DMG5 In Wall version

Differential Pressure Transmitter DMG5

Kalinsky differential pressure gauge / differential pressure transmitter DMG5 was developed for supervising overpressure of cleanrooms.

A differential pressure sensor range +/- 50 Pa, red LED-display, alarm-lamp, signal horn, analogue output 0-10 V and 4-20 mA for connection with data logger, 2 switching outputs with adjustable threshold value and an additional circuitry to store the alarm message at increasing pressure in the normal range after fall back of the threshold value of the switching output are included.

By using of a red button at the front its possible to reset the alarm message. A software controlled signal damping for display and switching outputs can selected by 10 steps.


Differential Pressure Transmitter PDT101 PDT102

The PDT101 differential pressure transmitter is designed for demanding cleanroom applications. The sensor integrates with the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system to measure and monitor pressure differentials in regulated environments. Ideal for high performance cleanroom environments in the life science, semiconductor and electronics industries.


Pressure Data Logger PR series

It is simple to use this Dickson pressure logger PR125, PR325, PR525, PR120, PR320 to record and integrate pressure data into documents and spreadsheets, giving results a professional, polished look. When fulfillment of regulatory requirements or accurate recording of pressure for quality control is needed, this logger is the perfect instrument.

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