• Aichi Tokei
  • Anritsu


    Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia

    Ever since launching development of thermometers in 1950, Anritsu Meter has entered an extraordinary winding road called temperature and continued to explore its outline.

    Anritsu Meter has addressed endless challenges, aiming to comprehensively grasp the temperature, such as invention of ground-breaking contact temperature sensors, attempt to establish the surface temperature, introduction of fluorescent optical fiber thermometer technology and development of non-contact thermometers.

  • Dickson
  • EDL


    Authorized Reseller in Malaysia

    EDL is an American manufacturer that provides temperature measurement instrumentation to countless industries in the United States and around the world.  EDL were established in 1943 as a repair house for instruments.  They saw how to make superior products and grew to become a widely respected manufacturer of sensors and pyrometers.  Their name is synonymous with quality and since our inception, they have earned a strong reputation for excellence in manufacturing and service.

  • Hyoda


    Authorized Reseller in Malaysia

    Hyoda's history started when the temperature control technology was developed. Since then, Hyoda has been studying continuously to contribute to the society. Since the establishment in 1917, Hyoda has been continuously developing and manufacturing thermometers and other measurement and control devices. The Hyoda brand was born in Osaka, and Hyoda is now delivering various heat control technologies to various users in not only Japan but also overseas countries. The measuring instruments with the Hyoda brand are now exclusively used in the heavy industries (heavy electric equipment, nuclear power plants, ships, petrochemical plants, etc.), light industries (textile industry, dye industry, food industry, etc.), and household articles (microwave ovens, cookware, etc

  • Isuzu
  • Kobayashi
  • Kofloc
  • MSR


  • Others
  • RCM


  • Ryutai Kogyo
  • Sato


    Sato Authorized Distributor and Stockist in Malaysia and Singapore

  • Sekonic
  • Tokico


    Tokico Oil Flowmeter

    Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia

  • Vaisala


    Exclusive Distributor (VIM) in Malaysia

  • Watanabe


    Since 1974, Watanabe Electric Industry has been developing and selling signal converters, and have been broadly adopted in the areas of factory automation, process automation and building automation.

    Watanabe Electric Industry  offer two types of signal converters, an easy to maintain plug-in type and a terminal block type, and with our abundant lineup, we have the ability to quickly deliver products to customers. The noise resistance performance has greatly improved in our recently released products, with a long term guarantee of 5 years, and are designed taking into the consideration the various installation environments of customers.

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