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Watanabe 3 port Isolation Amplifier (High Gain) ZM-310

3 port Isolation Amplifier (High Gain) ZM-310

Watanabe 3 port Isolation Amplifier (High gain) ZM-310 is a high gain type 3-port isolation amplifier, and supports minute input (mV). In addition, since a transformer with a high coupling coefficient is used, loss is small and linearity is extremely excellent. Although it is a smalllinearity transformer, it has a high withstand voltage and high airtightness due to the case filling structure, making it ideal for isolating various signals such as transducer signal isolation and instrumentation signal isolation. Board mounting type with 2.54mm pitch allows for easy board layout.


  • High gain
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low current consumption
  • High CMR common mode noise rejection ratio
  • High insulation, high withstand voltage
Cabinet for Continuous Monitoring System (CMS)

Cabinet CAB100 for Continuous Monitoring System (CMS)

Vaisala CMS Industrial Cabinet CAB100 integrates Vaisala’s world-class instruments for monitoring differential pressure and other parameters into a simple, preconfigured instrument panel. In combination with the Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server Software, the cabinet provides pre-installed real-time monitoring of your critical environments.

Watanabe Digital Panel Meter WPMZ

Digital Panel Meter WPMZ

Watanabe developed WPMZ series as multi-display digital panel meter matched to the production site, and focused on the basic performance such as [1. Easy to read] [2. Easy to use].

WPMZ is a product that can cover various requirements, such as process monitoring, quality judgement etc. at the production site for various applications and environment.

Sato Desktop type Digital PH meter SK-650PH 6427-00

Digital PH meter Desktop Type

Sato Desktop type Digital PH meter SK-650PH 6427-00 (Probe is separately sold).

Attached sensor arm is convenient to use the stirrer.

Sensor sensitivity display, data memory and many functions are equipped.

This model is not usable for certification purpose


Emergency Shut Off Valve (MBA series)

Installation of the Tokico emergency shutoff valve is required at various industrial equipments by the High Pressure Gas Safety Law and the Fire Defense Law.

In the MB series of emergency shutoff valve, CO2 gas cartridge with high initial torque is adopted as drive source, and ball valve making smooth movement is adopted at the valve part.

It shutoffs urgently or opens the pipelines of various fluids and is most suitable as safety disaster prevention equipment which prevents second disaster from occurring.


Heat Stress Monitor WBGT

Sato WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Model SK-170GT is a handy type instrument that can measure temperature, humidity and globe temperature to measure the WBGT index.
This can be used as a guide for preventing heat stroke and estimating heat stress of working and activity environments.
(Conforming to JIS B 7922 Class 2)


Leak Detector LD400

If gases escape through leaks in piping systems (e.g. untight screwed connections, corrosions and so on) ultrasonic noises are generated. By means of LD 400 even the smallest leakages which cannot be heard by the human ear can be detected even from distances of several meters. LD 400 transforms the inaudible signals into a frequency which can be identified. By means of the comfortable sound-proof headset these noises can be realized even in extremely noisy environments.

Due to a particularly designed acoustic trumpet a better focusing of the acoustic waves is achieved. This acoustic trumpet acts like a directional microphone while interfering ambient noises are cushioned and the accurate localization of the leakages is eased even in areas which are difficult to access.

Watanabe Output Isolator TW-2X

Output Isolator TW-2X

Watanabe Isolator which outputs DC signal proportional to the input signals (2-output)


  • Space-saving and weight-saving by unifying converter and terminal block
  • DIN rail mount
  • 2 outputs
  • Input / Output1 / Output2 / Power supply isolated
Sato Refractometer SK-100R SK-101R SK-102R SK-104R SK-106R SK-107R SK-109R SK-200R


Sato Refractometer SK100R, SK200R series measures liquid content by determining the refractive index of the liquid, based on the principle of total internal reflection.

Watanabe WSPF Series Plug-in Compact Signal Converters

Signal Converters WSPF Series

Watanabe Plug-in Compact Signal Converter

he most compact type of plug-in signal converter in Watanabe Electric Industry’s signal converter line.We offer a low-cost, compact type with a socket to easily plug and unplug from the main unit for simpler maintenance.

The product line also includes isolators, distributors (current loop supply), thermocouple converters, RTD converters, and potentiometer converters.

Sekonic Spectrometer C-7000

Spectrometer C-7000

Sekonic C-7000 Handheld spectrometer, designed especially for industrial use.

Main Measurement & Function

  • Illuminance ★- 1 to 200,000lx in ambient / 20 to 20,500lx・ s in flash
  • Color temperature ★ - 1,563 K to 100,000 K
  • Color rendering index - CRI (Ra, R1 to R15, comparison), TM-30 (Rf, Rg), SSI, TLCI/TLMF
  • Spectrum analysis : 380nm to 780nm
  • PPFD (photosynthesis photon flux density)
  • Chromaticity coordinates indication
  • Continuous / Single measurement selection

Temperature And Universal Controller

Yashima's temperature controller and transmitter accepts 15 type of different input from thermocouple, R.T.D. mA & DC voltage. Range setting & alternation can be easy done from thermocouple to R. T. D. or mA to DC voltage. It has programmable scale range and it is so easy that you may program it within few touches!


Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector is ideal for detecting and locating sources of ultrasonic sound through the use of sophisticated electronic circuitry. Unaffected by audible noise, Whisper incorporates an Internal Noise Control allowing for use in extremely noisy environments, such as mechanical rooms, and around operating chillers. Because Whisper is designed to detect ultrasound at 40.5 kHz, not even a murmur will escape detection.


Wi-Fi Data Logger HMT140 (CMS, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ICH Compliant)

The Vaisala HMT140 wireless data logger is designed for humidity, temperature and analog signal monitoring in warehouses, freezer and cryogenic farms, laboratories, blood banks and many other life science applications

The Vaisala HMT140 incorporates Vaisala HUMICAP® technology to measure relative humidity and temperature accurately and reliably. The Vaisala HUMICAP sensor is resistant to dust and most chemicals. Alternatively, the Vaisala HMT140 can connect to Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), Voltage, Current and Contact sensors, making the Vaisala HMT140 the most versatile Vaisala data logger for life science applications.

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