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Sato Keiryoki Mfg was established in 1951 as a manufacturer of glass thermometers. Since then, they have been expanding the product range and become leading manufacturer in mechanical thermometers, electrical measuring instruments and meteorological instruments.

Humidity is Sato's specialty. Using resistance change electric sensor, human hair bundle, synthetic hair bundle and coil, hygrometers for various applications can be produced. 

Sigma II (NSII-Q) thermohygrograph is the best selling item and SK-L200II series dataloggers enjoy good reputation with its accurate measurement and simple operation.

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Barograph NSII-BQ

Sato Barograph NSII-BQ (Cat No 7237-00)

Barograph measures atmospheric pressure with the range of 940 to 1045 hPa and records the measured data on a chart..

Recording period is changeable in 1 day, 7 day and 32 day by the cylinder speed switch.

One box (55 sheets/box) of 7-day chart for one year use is included.


Barometer with Digital Thermometer Baromex

Sato Barometer 7612-00 Baromex A barometer with a digital thermometer.

The index pointer enables you to see changes in atmospheric pressure.

The bracket made of ABS resin for wall mount makes the installation easy.

Barometer with Thermometer Analog

Barometer with Thermometer Analog

Sato Barometer 7610-20 is an authentic barometer used for meteorological observations.

You can easily find the variation of air pressure with the reference pointer.

Its classical design with the brass frame makes a great interior decor.

Sato Desktop type Digital PH meter SK-650PH 6427-00

Digital PH meter Desktop Type

Sato Desktop type Digital PH meter SK-650PH 6427-00 (Probe is separately sold).

Attached sensor arm is convenient to use the stirrer.

Sensor sensitivity display, data memory and many functions are equipped.

This model is not usable for certification purpose


Heat Stress Monitor WBGT

Sato WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Model SK-170GT is a handy type instrument that can measure temperature, humidity and globe temperature to measure the WBGT index.
This can be used as a guide for preventing heat stroke and estimating heat stress of working and activity environments.
(Conforming to JIS B 7922 Class 2)

Sato Thermohygrograph Sigma II 7210-00 7211-00

Quartz Thermohygrograph Sigma II NSII-Q

Sato Thermohygrograph NSII-Q, Sigma II, 7210-00, 7211-00
(as known as Sato Thermohygrograph SigmaII, Sato Thermohygrograph 7210-00, Sato Thermohygrograph 7211-00) comes with all transparent acryl-resin made case provides a full view of the chart paper without opening the case


* The required time cycle is selected by simply pushing the changeover switch
* Recording charts is made by non-dust paper and it is with holes for easy binding in a file .

Sato Refractometer SK-100R SK-101R SK-102R SK-104R SK-106R SK-107R SK-109R SK-200R


Sato Refractometer SK100R, SK200R series measures liquid content by determining the refractive index of the liquid, based on the principle of total internal reflection.


Temperature And Humidity Meter Highest II

Sato Temperature and Humidity Meter Highest II 7542-00.

Human hair bundle for humidity and a thermistor for temperature are used as sensors.

This hygrometer is designed with focus on reliability. Bracket for wall mounting is attached.


Temperature Datalogger (4 Channel) SK-L400T

Sato 4-channel datalogger SK-L400T for temperature measurement with K type themocouple probes.

Possible to simultaneously display four temperatures from four different locations on the large LCD. The measured values can be logged on the SD card.

Probes are separately purchased, not included in the main unit.


Temperature Transmitter SK-RHC

Sato SK-RHC-1 Temperature Transmitter is electric current 4 to 20mA output type in the SK-RHC series temperature/humidity transmitters.

3 types of probe are provided for SK-RHC series transmitters.

Select the suitable probe to your usage.

AC adapter is available at option.

(The probe shown in the photo is the plug-in type)

Sato Thermohygrograph Mini Cube

Thermohygrograph Mini Cube

Sato Thermohygrograph Mini-Cube 7008-10 is a compact thermohygrograph to fit everywhere at your convenience, with temperature range of −15 to 40°C and humidity range of 5 to 100%rh: 55 sheets of 7-day chart paper are attached.

This instrument can be used as a desktop or a wall-mount use.


Waterproof Digital Thermometer With Memory And Alarm SK-1260

Sato Waterproof DIgital Thermometer SK-1260 with memory and alarm functin.

Suitable for temperature control and data management in laboratories, factories and offices. Various optional probes are available for a wide variety of applications.

Standard probe SK-S100K(K Thermocouple) is attached as accessories.

>Note: No sensor convertibility for SK-1250MCIII α & SK-1260

Waterproof Infrared Thermometer SK-8950

Waterproof Infrared Thermometer SK-8950

Sato SK-8950 is a waterproof type Infrared thermometer having the circle laser marker that surrounds the measuring area with red laser.

The Waterproof/dustproof property is IP 54.

The measuring range is -60 to 550°C.

Emissivity is settable with 0.01 steps between 0.10 to 1.00

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