Small Head Probes

Anritsu SH series probes are ideal for measuring the temperatures of moving or rotating surfaces. The SH series is better suited to small measurement targets than the U series. Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer's specific application.

Model SH Series
Type Type K, J, E, R
Accuracy ±1.5ºC at 100ºC surface
Response Time 5s
Durability Rank SH-1*,SH-3*:B ; SH-2*, SH-4*: A

Anritsu SH
Available models:

SH-11K SH-12K SH-13K
SH-14K SH-15K SH-16K
SH-22K SH-23K
SH-24K SH-25K SH-26K
SH-31K SH-32K SH-34K
SH-34K SH-35K SH-36K
SH-42K SH-43K
SH-44K SH-45K SH-46K

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