6, 12 Channels Temperature DataLogger AM-9000 Series

Anritsu AM-9000 Data collector is a high-speed multi-point data recorder containing a precision, high-speed A/D converter, a C-MOS microprocessor and large capacity memory. Multipurpose system upgrades are possible through communication with external devices through the RS-232C interface. many functions are concentrated in the compact unit and various temperature measurement regions are approached. It many collect data from as many as 12 channels!

This model is successor of Anritsu AM-8000 Series Temperature Datalogger

Thermologger AM-9000 series

AM-9000 series is a temperature logger that can record the measured data.
Data held in memory can then be transferred to a PC via dedicated software for later analysis or other use.

・Thermocouple type fixed type / multi-input type, 6ch / 12ch lineup selectable.
・USB Communication
・The recorded data can be easily transferred to PC with the dedicated analysis software AMS-950 (sold separately).
・Dual power supply system with dry batteries and AC adapter.


AM-9000E / AM-9000K

Thermocouple fixed type・6ch type


AM-9100E / AM-9100K

Thermocouple fixed type・12ch type



Multi-input type・6ch type



Multi-input type・12ch type

Model AM-9000※ AM-9100※ AM-9200 AM-9300
Channel 6CH 12CH 6CH 12CH
Input connector ANP connector (same type thermocouple) ANP connector (both poles are coper)
Input type Temperature: E, K, J, T, R by selected model *2 Temperature:Multi-input (E・K・J・T・R)
DC Voltage:V DC Voltage:V
Measurement range Temperature: TABLE Ⅰ
DC Voltage : ±20.000V
Resolution Temperature: 0.1℃/1℃
DC Voltage : 0.001V
Measurement accuracy Temperature: TABLE Ⅱ
DC Voltage : ±(0.05% of reading +0.003V)
Memory capacity 120,000 data
Interface USB2.0(microーB)
Dimensions 92×155×36 96 ×160 ×60 92×155×36 96 ×160×60
(W)×(H)×(D)mm *Protruded parts excluded
Weight(Including dry batteries) approx.380g approx.480g approx.410g approx.540g
Reference junction
compensation accuracy
±0.3℃*3 ±0.5℃*3
Temperature coefficient ±(0.04×Δt℃)*4
Time interval less than 1s : 0.1s ~ 0.99s less than 1s : 0.2s ~ 0.99s less than 1s : 0.2s ~ 0.99s
Over 1s : 1s ~ 99m 59s Over 1s : 1s ~ 99m 59s Over 1s : 1s ~ 99m 59s
Signal source resistance 500Ω or less (measurement interval 1 second or more)/100Ω or less (measurement interval less than 1 second)
Safe excitation voltage Between input pins on same channels :±30VDC
Between input pins on adjacent channels : 150Vp-p
Linearlizer Digital Linealizer method (Compliant with JIS C1602-2015)
Display Graphic liquid crystal display, 128×64 dots
Environment operational
Environment storage
Operation : 0〜40℃、15〜80%RH (Non condensing)  
Storage : -10〜50℃、10〜85%RH (Non condensing)
Power supply 4 AA Alkaline batteries(Supplied accessories) or AC-Adaptor(Optional accessories)
Supplied accessories Manual, Test report, Softcase, Communications cable, 4 AA Alkaline batteries
Optional accessories Special data analysis software, AC-Adaptor, Carrying case
Compatible standards CE Marking, RoHS2
The selected thermocouple type (E・K・J・T・R) is entered in ※ of the model name.
*1 Thermocouple type (E・K・J・T・R)
*2 Type J・T・R are optional
*3 At 25℃±10℃
*4 When the ambient temperature is other than from 15℃ to 35℃, "the excess temperature from the ambient temperature Δt℃" x 0.04 is added to the measurement accuracy.

TABLE Ⅰ : Measurement Range

Thermocouple type Measurement range
E -200 to 800°C
K -200 to 1370°C
J -200 to 1100°C
T -200 to 400°C
R 0 to 1760°C

TABLE Ⅱ : Measurement accuracy

Thermocouple type Accuracy compensation range Measurement accuracy
AM-9000※/AM-9100※ AM-9200/AM-9300
E,K,J,T -200.0~-100.1℃ ±1.0℃ ±1.5℃
-100.0~-0.1℃ ±0.5℃ ±1.0℃
0.0~200.0℃ ±0.3℃ ±0.5℃
200.1~500.0℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.7℃
500.1℃以上 ±0.7℃ ±1.0℃
R 0.0℃~500.0℃ ±1.5℃ ±2.0℃
500.1℃以上 ±2.0℃ ±2.5℃

*If the measurement interval is less than 1 sec, add ± 0.5 ℃ at type E ・ K ・ J ・ T and add ± 1.0℃ at type R

TABLEⅢ 12ch model standard time for continuous use (at 25 ℃, using alkaline AA batteries)

Setting interval 0.2sec 1sec 10sec
AM-9000 Series approx. 50 hours approx. 55 hours approx. 140 hours

* If the number of used channels is less than 12, the usable time will be longer.


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