Transmitters Indigo510 Indigo520 Series for Vaisala smart probes

The Vaisala Indigo, Indigo 510, Indigo 520 transmitter has 4 analog channels that can be configured to mA or voltage type and 2 configurable relays. The Vaisala Indigo510 has 2 analog channels. Any of the output parameters from the connected probes can be assigned to control the analog channels and relays. Digital output protocol is Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet. Besides Modbus TCP/IP, the transmitter's Ethernet connection provides a web interface and cyber-security that meets the modern standards

The touchscreen display provides local data visualization and easy access to probe configuration. The transmitter also extends the options for connectivity, supply voltage and wiring, compared to using just a smart probe. It also provides mechanical support when wall-mount probe installation is preferred.​ Rugged IP66- and NEMA4-rated  metal enclosure ensures reliable performance even in the harshest conditions.

The Indigo-compatible smart probes include humidity probes (HMP1, HMP3, HMP4, HMP5, HMP7, HMP8 and HMP9), dew point probes (DMP5, DMP6, DMP7 and DMP8),  carbon dioxide probes (GMP251 and GMP252), moisture in oil probe (MMP8), temperature probe (TMP1), and vaporized hydrogen peroxide probes (HPP270). The Indigo520 is also compatible with MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for power transformer online monitoring

The Indigo520 dual-probe support allows simultaneous measurements with two Vaisala Indigo-compatible probes for humidity, temperature, dew point temperature, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and moisture in oil measurements. If you need just one probe, the Indigo510 is an ideal choice.

Vaisala Official Distributor in Humidity, Dewpoint, Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) viewLinc (2015),
Temperature, CO2, Barometric Pressure, Moisture in Oil, Wind etc in Malaysia since 1990s

The equivalents for the HMT330 series:

HMT331 for wall mounting is now HMP1 probe + INDIGO500 transmitter

HMT333 for duct mounting and tight spaces is now HMP3 and HMP9 probes + INDIGO500 transmitter

HMT334 for high pressures up to 100 bar and vacuum conditions is now HMP4 + INDIGO500 transmitter

HMT335 for high temperatures is now HMP5 + INDIGO500 transmitter

HMT337 for high humidity and meteorological applications is now HMP7 + INDIGO500 transmitter

HMT338 for pressurized pipelines up to 40 bar is now HMP8 + INDIGO500 transmitter


  • Universal transmitter for Vaisala Indigo-compatible probes
  • Supports two probes simultaneously
  • Touchscreen display
  • IP66- and NEMA4-rated metal enclosure
  • 4 configurable analog outputs
  • 2 relays
  • Ethernet connection with web interface for remote access
  • Modbus TCP/IP protocol
  • Multiple powering options including Power over Ethernet (PoE) and AC mains power
  • Indigo520 supports two probes simultaneously
  • Indigo520 has 2 relays and 4 configurable analog outputs
  • Indigo510 has 2 analog outputs
  • Indigo500MIK Meteorological Installation Kit for outdoor installation

Technical Specs for Indigo520


Technical Specs for Indigo510

Technical Specs for Vaisala Indigo Family Smart Probes

Wall Mounting Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP1
General Purpose Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP3
High Pressure Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP4
High Temperature Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP5
High Humidities Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP7
Pressurized Processes Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP8
Compact Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP9
Temperature Probe TMP1
High Temperature Dewpoint Probe DMP5
Very High Temperature Dewpoint Probe DMP6
High Temperature Dewpoint Probe DMP5
Very High Temperature Dewpoint Probe DMP6
Tight Space Dewpoint Probe DMP7
Pressurized Pipeline Dewpoint Probe DMP8
Carbon Dioxide CO2 Probe (%) GMP251
Carbon DIoxide CO2 Probe (ppm) GMP252
Moisture in Oil Probe MMP8
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2, Humidity and Temperature Probe
HPP270, HPP271, HMPP272

Technical Specs for Indigo500MIK Meteorlogical Installation Kit


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