Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector is ideal for detecting and locating sources of ultrasonic sound through the use of sophisticated electronic circuitry. Unaffected by audible noise, Whisper incorporates an Internal Noise Control allowing for use in extremely noisy environments, such as mechanical rooms, and around operating chillers. Because Whisper is designed to detect ultrasound at 40.5 kHz, not even a murmur will escape detection.

Model Whisper
Fixed / Portable Portable
Accessories rubber probe extension, headphones and storage case
- Refrigerant Leaks
- Locating Worn Bearings
- Leaks in Pneumatic Control Systems
- Leaks in Natural Gas, LPG Leaks
- Leaks in Compressed Air Systems
- Leaks in Vacuum Systems
- Butane / Propane Storage Tank Leaks
- Line Set Leaks in Foundations / Walls
- Diagnosing Solenoid Operations
- Steam Traps
- Electrical Arcing


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