Cabinet CAB100 for Continuous Monitoring System (CMS)

Vaisala CMS Industrial Cabinet CAB100 integrates Vaisala’s world-class instruments for monitoring differential pressure and other parameters into a simple, preconfigured instrument panel. In combination with the Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server Software, the cabinet provides pre-installed real-time monitoring of your critical environments.

Easy Data Collection with Quality & Compliance

Cabinets are configurable to your application requirements, with options for differential pressure transmitters, analog inputs for the connection of remote transmitters, and safety barriers or galvanic isolators for hazardous areas that require intrinsically safe devices.

CAB100 enables you to combine differential pressure and other transmitters with data loggers in a single enclosure for centralized monitoring and reliable alarming.

Configured for Your Cleanroom

CAB100 is designed to ensure regulatory compliance in multiple cleanroom applications, including: pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, medical device, aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Select from two cabinet sizes: small and large.

Small cabinets can contain up to four analog inputs which can also be intrinsically safe, or four differential pressure transmitters.

Large cabinets can accommodate up to 12 differential pressure transmitters and up to 32 analog input channels with intrinsically safe options. Communication is achieved over Ethernet to the viewLinc server database.

CAB100 is an ideal solution for many monitoring applications, providing device protection, economy and serviceability. The lockable metal enclosure protects the measurement instruments from tampering and accidental damage.

The Benefits of Centralization

It is often impossible or impractical to run power or network cables to each desired point of measurement. With CAB100 you can centralize and economize by running a single power and network cable to the cabinet to support numerous transmitters, while also reducing the number of network adapters needed. Centralization of measurement devices also simplifies serviceability. With multiple transmitters and data loggers located together, regular maintenance activities like calibration are easy and efficient.


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