Sato Thermohygrograph Mini Cube Sato Thermohygrograph Mini Cube

Thermohygrograph Mini Cube

Sato Thermohygrograph Mini-Cube 7008-10 is a compact thermohygrograph to fit everywhere at your convenience, with temperature range of −15 to 40°C and humidity range of 5 to 100%rh: 55 sheets of 7-day chart paper are attached.

This instrument can be used as a desktop or a wall-mount use.

Model Mini-Cube 7008-10
Clock Quartz type
"AA" size battery x 1
Battery life: 6 months in continuous use
Drum rotation 7 day
Sensors Aged bimetal strip for temperature
Humidity sensing coil for relative humidity
Measuring range -15 to 40°C for temperature
5 to 100% for R. humidity non condensing
Accuracy ±2°C (at 10 to 30°C) for temperature
±3°C (other than above) for temperature
±5% (at 15 to 25°C, 30 to 90%) for R. humidity
±7% (other than above) for R. humidity
Chart graduation 2°C for temperature,
5% for R. humidity
Recording pens Cartridge pens (violet)
Dimensions (W)148 x (H)190 x (D)97 mm
Weight approx. 1.6 kg
Accessories 7 day chart (55 sheets/pad)
"AA" size battery x 1, button cell battery (LR-41) x 1


  • No. 7008-62 / S168-5100X1540 Spare 7 day chart (55 sheets/pad)
  • No. 7210-90 / 7238-04 / 7238-02 (12 pcs) Spare cartridge pen (violet)
  • No. 7210-92 / 7238-08 / 7238-06 (12 pcs) Spare cartridge pen (red)


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