Temperature and Humidity Datalogger SK-L750 Series

Sato Temperature and Humidity datalogger SK-L750 SeriesComes with software with graphical display on PC.

SK-L751 (Temperature Measurement) Cat No 8800-00
SK-L754 (Temperature and Humidity Measurement) Cat No 8870-00


  • Memory capacity is 16000 lines of data per channel.
    (It is possible to store data for about 2 years and 9 months with log interval of 90 minutes and about 168 days with log interval of 30 minutes.)

  • The method of storing data is selectable among four logging options
    - Once (default)
    When Once is chosen, the datalogger keeps logging until the memory becomes full. The datalogger stops logging when 8100 lines of data are recorded.

    -Repeatability (overwriting)
    The datalogger overwrites the existing data from the start once the 8100 lines of data are recorded. This is ideal for collecting data during a certain period.

    -Ends at (limited amount)
    With this logging option, you can specify the end-point for the datalogger to stop logging. This setting is ideal when you want to limit the amount of data to be collected.

    -By page (partitioning)
    The storage memory is partitioned into blocks, each having the capacity to store 200 lines of data. This enables the datalogger to perform four different tasks in sequence while storing each task's data in one of the four different memory blocks (pages). This is ideal when you want to collect data from multiple sites using one datalogger.

  • Logger data can be copied to microSD card

  • The software for data analysis and realtime transmission is attached as standard accessories.

  • The date and time to start logging automatically can be specified by setting the preset start.

  • The measurement data can be transmitted in realtime to a personal computer.

  • USB transmission is adopted .

  • The upper and lower thresholds for warning can be set. When the temperature or humidity threshold is triggered, the alarm mark (Hi or Lo) will light.

  • Probes are interchangeably used with main units.

  • The storage memory can be verified with the memory indicator.

  • The log interval can be selected from 14 options: 1 sec, 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min. and 90 min.

  • When the power is turned off, data stored in the EEPROM memory is retained.

  • The datalogger ID can be set. This is useful to identify multiple dataloggers.

  • By using data analysis software attached, acquired data can be evaluated easily and quickly, and also evaluated by using commercial spreadsheet software supporting the "CSV" extension such as and Microsoft Excel.

  • By using software attached, logged data can be easily displayed as graphs on a PC.

  • The data transmitted from up to 4 dataloggers (8 channels max.) can be analyzed being displayed in a graph

  • Downloaded data with the"CSV"extension can be evaluated by using Microsoft Excel and other commercial spreadsheets.

  • The highest value, the lowest value and average value per channel can be automatically calculated.

  • The Scroll-bar function can zoom in on any region of the graphs that you want to.

  • Updated data analysis software can be downloaded at the Software download site.

  • Recommended operation conditions have to be minimum system requirements or better.

By Data Analysis SoftwareSato SK-L750 series

By Real-Time Transmission SoftwareSato SK-L750 series

Sato L750 Datalogger

Sato L750 Datalogger

Sato L750 Datalogger

Sato L750 Datalogger


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