Advanced Portable Humidity Meter With Remote Probe HM70

The new Vaisala HM70 portable humidity meter provides fast and convenient spot-checks of relative humidity and temperature. Apart from that, it can be also used to calibrate other Vaisala humidity instruments such as HMT330, HMT120, HMT130, HMW90, HMD90, HMW110, HMD110

Vaisala Official Distributor in Humidity, Dewpoint, Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) viewLinc (2015),
Temperature, CO2, Barometric Pressure, Moisture in Oil, Wind etc in Malaysia since 1990s

Model HM70
Measurement Range Humidity: 0 - 100% rH
  • HMP75: -20 to +60ºC
  • HMP76: -50 to +120ºC (-50 to +180ºC short time)
  • HMP77: -70 to +180ºC
Sensor Humidity: Vaisala HUMICAP 180
Temperature: PT100
Accuracy Humidity: ±2% rH (0-90% rH), ±3% rH (90 - 100%rH)
Temperature: ±0.2ºC at 20ºC
Power supply Batteries
Output 0 - 1 VDC


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