Barograph NSII-BQ

Sato Barograph NSII-BQ (Cat No 7237-00)

Barograph measures atmospheric pressure with the range of 940 to 1045 hPa and records the measured data on a chart..

Recording period is changeable in 1 day, 7 day and 32 day by the cylinder speed switch.

One box (55 sheets/box) of 7-day chart for one year use is included.

Clock Quartz type
Battery life: about 1 year in continuous use
Drum rotation 1 day, 7 day and 32 day changed by speed switch
Sensor Aneroid bellows
Bimetal strip
Measuring range 940 to 1045hPa
Accuracy ±1 hPa at 950 to 1040 hPa
±2 hPa at other than above
Chart graduation 1 hPa
Recording pen Cartridge pen (violet)
Dimensions (W)336 x (H)295 x (D)148 mm
Weight approx. 3.1 kg
Accessories 7-day chart for 1 year use (55 sheets/pad), chart holder,
"C" size battery x 2

  • No. 7237-60 Spare 1-day chart (400 sheets/pad)
  • No. 7237-62 Spare 7-day chart (55 sheets/pad)
  • No. 7237-64 Spare 32-day chart (55 sheets/pad)
  • No. 7210-90 Spare cartridge pen (violet)
  • No. 7210-92 Spare cartridge pen (red)
  • No. 7238-22 Axial AC fan in 100/110VAC use


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