Flowmeter For Small Flow

Ryutai Kogyo Purge meters PGF-N are variable area flowmeters that used to measure small flowrates.It is suitable for liquid, gas, oil and compressed air.

Ryutai Kogyo PGF-N series are calibrated to your operating temperature and pressure, as well as having scale range of your request.

It comes with stainless steel float and a metering a valve.

Model PGF-N
Measurement Range Air: from 2 to 2000 L/hr (ntp)
Liquid: from 0.1 to 100 L/hr
Units are customizable
Connection Sizes RC1/2"
Connection rating screws
Accuracy Within ±5% of full scale
Max working temperature 80ºC (60ºC continuous)
Max working pressure 5 bar
Material SUS304 & glass taper tube
Mount position Bottom to Top


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