Ryutai Kogyo Varible Area Flowmeter GTF Ryutai Kogyo Varible Area Flowmeter GTF

Tube Type Variable Area Flowmeter

Ryutai Kogyo Model GTF and ATF is widely used for its high quality and ease of use. This flow meter is in-line type, installed directly in your pipe line, and measure instantaneous flow rate of liquid or gas with high accuracy.

Simple design and rigid construction enable you to check or disassemble the unit without any special knowledge. Besides above feature, you can select the material from our wide variety of materials to meet your specific application.l There are widely used for its high quality and ease of use

Model GTF, ATF
Measurement Range Air: from 0.3 to 260 m³/hr (ntp)
Liquid: from 0.03 to 50 m³/hr
Units are customizable
Connection Sizes 3/8 to 3"
Connection rating ANSI, JPI, JIS10K RF Flange or screws
Accuracy Within ±2% of full scale
Max working temperature 100ºC (except PVC)
Max working pressure 3/8 to 3/4": 10 bar, 1": 8 bar, 2": 5 bar, 3": 4 bar
Material SS400, SUS304, SUS316, PVC, Glass lined body or PTFE lined body
Mount position Bottom to Top
Optional Single of double Alarm (intrinsically safe version available)


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