Barometric Pressure Transfer Standard PTB330TS

Vaisala BAROCAP® Digital Barometer PTB330 is a new generation barometer designed for a wide range of highend atmospheric pressure measurement.

The pressure measurement of the PTB330 is based on the Vaisala in-house, silicon capacitive, absolute pressure sensor – the Vaisala BAROCAP® Sensor. It provides high measurement accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

High accuracy The PTB330 series features extremely high accuracy. Class A barometers for the most demanding applications are fi ne-adjusted and calibrated against a high-precision pressure calibrator.

All the PTB330 barometers come with a NIST traceable, factory calibration certifi cate, also optional ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation calibration services are available. Reliability through redundancy

Vaisala Official Distributor in Humidity, Dewpoint, Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) viewLinc (2015),
Temperature, CO2, Barometric Pressure, Moisture in Oil, Wind etc in Malaysia since 1990s

According to customers’ choice, the PTB330 can incorporate one, two or three BAROCAP® sensors. When two or three sensors are used, the barometer continuously compares the readings of the pressure sensors against The PTB330 Digital Barometer one another and provides information on whether these are within the set internal difference criteria. This unique feature provides redundancy in pressure measurement. Thus, users get a stable and reliable pressure reading at all times as well as a pre-indication of when to service or re-calibrate the barometer.

Model PTB330TS
Fixed / Portable Portable
Tolerance Maximum temperature: 40 deg C
Maximum pressure:
Measurement Range 500-1100 hPa, 0-100%rH, -10 to +40 deg C
Accuracy +-0.1 hPa, +-1&rH, +-0.07 + 0.0025% deg C
Output RS232, RS485
Remarks Portable, battery operated transfer standard with data logging capability Barometric pressure with Vaisala BAROCAP® Digital Barometer PTB330
– Excellent long term stability
– Accurate measurement
– Added reliability through redundancy

Features / Benefits
- Optional humidity and temperature measurents with HMP155
– Vaisala HUMICAP®180R sensor
- superior long-term stability
– New, fast temperature probe
– Chemical purge Multilingual user interface, nine languages Data can be logged, and transferred to a PC via MI70 Link software
- ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited calibration services available

For professional meteorology, aviation, laboratories and demanding industrial applications


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