Miniature Dew Point Transmitters DMT143 DMT143L

Vaisala Miniature size dew point transmitters DMT143 and DMT143L are ideal choices when you want to measure dew point accurately in small compressed air dryers, plastic dryers, additive manufacturing and other OEM applications. They are easy to integrate and can be used in Vaisala DM70 hand-held. The long version has replaced the DMT242.

Vaisala Official Distributor in Humidity, Dewpoint, Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) viewLinc (2015),
Temperature, CO2, Barometric Pressure, Moisture in Oil, Wind etc in Malaysia since 1990s


  • Vaisala DRYCAP® technology with auto-calibration

  • Fast response time 

  • Dew point measurement range -70 ... +60 °C (-94 ... +140 °F)

  • Accuracy ±2 ºC (±3.6 ºF)

  • Withstands condensation

  • Compatible with Vaisala DRYCAP® Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter DM70

  • Traceable calibration (certificate included)

  • LED alarm for exceeded dew point level

What is Dewpoint?

Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled for water vapor in it to condense into dew or frost. At any temperature there is a maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold. This maximum amount is called water vapor saturation pressure. Addition of more water vapor results in condensation.

Vaisala DRYCAP Dew Point Transmitter

Vaisala Dewpoint Transmitter DMT143 is a miniature dew point measurement instrument. The transmitter can be installed directly into pressurized systems at 50 bar (725 psia) maximum pressure. The longterm high performance is achieved with Vaisala DRYCAP technology. The sensor fully withstands getting wet, and therefore, the transmitter performs exceptionally well in applications that occasionally experience process water spikes, such as pipeline condensation during a system failure or start-up. The sensor is also highly resistant to particulate contamination, oil vapor, and most chemicals, and is insensitive to the flow rate.

Long calibration interval

The calibration interval of DMT143 is 2 years. Additionally, Vaisala DRYCAP Handheld Dew Point Meter DM70 can be used to confirm the performance of DMT143 without disconnecting the transmitter. For any adjustment needs, the transmitter can be sent to Vaisala Service. The unique autocalibration function, developed by Vaisala, detects possible measurement inaccuracies and automatically corrects dry-end drift in the calibration curve. This ensures accurate measurements and long calibration intervals.

Easy installation

DMT143 has a variety of features to choose from, including different output and installation options, and alarm LED. Due to its small size and light weight, DMT143 is quickly and easily installed in tight spaces or in small-size pipelines. The alarm LED indicates too high dew point in the process. The trigger point is preset at the factory. It can be later adjusted with Vaisala DRYCAP Handheld Dew Point Meter DM70, or the convenient Vaisala Insight PC software for Windows. Insight PC software can also be used for other configuration options

Technical Specification for DMT143

Technical Specification for DMT143L

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