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Magnetic Flow Sensor

Aichi Tokei ND Flowsensor is ideal for measuring variety of fluid and outputs open collector pulses with the built-in amplifier type magnetic sensor.


  • Highly accurate over a wide measurement range
  • Simple and durable structure
  • Compact and lightweight (eg. ND10: 120g)
  • Compatible with various kinds of fluids
  • Free installation position (except the position that of the holding plate is faced downward.)
  • Excellent cost-performance
  • High sensitive high-density pulse output

Magnetic Flow Sensor For Liquids With Display

Aichi Tokei Magnetic Flow Sensors For Liquids with Display

Model NW (Local display type)
Model NW-P (With pulse output)

  • Instantaneous
  • Flow-rate Integrating
  • Flow Volume Flowmeter


  • Built-in lithium batteries (No external power supply is required)
  • Indications of both instantaneous flow-rate and integrating flow volume by only 1 flowmeter
  • Revolving display unit (It can be fixed to a easy-to-read position)
  • Simplified structure with the vane wheel type measuring principle
  • Measurement of various liquids
  • Reset function for indications of Integrating Flow Volume (Total) and Integrating Flow Volume (Trip)
  • Value holding function for Instantaneous Flow-Rate indication
  • Pulse output function (Option)
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