Tokico electronic oil flowmeter FRL Tokico electronic oil flowmeter FRL

Oil, Diesel, Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Positive Displacement Flowmeter (Electronic) FRL/FRY

TOKICO FLOWMETER, TOKICO OIL FLOWMETER a high accuracy displacement type flow meter composed of two roots and measures flow directly. Tokico Oil Flowmeter has little deterioration in the instrument accuracy because a couple of roots rotates with non-contact. This flow meter measures with high accuracy and wide flow range

  • Electronic Version
  • Diesel 
  • Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
  • Petrol
  • Heavy Oil
  • Light Oil


    • Measurement with high accuracy

      Because the fluid is directly measure, the integration accuracy of this flow meter is within ±0.5% (The accuract within ±0.2 is also available according to the demands for a dealing and a tax certificate, etc.) Especially, because a pair of roots is non-contact, a light material can be adopted for the TOKICO FLOWMETER. And low viscosity fluids can be measured with high accuracy and wide flow range.

    • Small size and light weight

      Because the roots is adopted for the rotor, discharging fluid volume in one rotation of rotor is larger and the roots meter is designed small and light.

    • Excellent stability of accuracy

      Mechanical parts of the roots meter do not wear because of non-contact rotation and there is little change of instrument accuracy in a long time operation.

    • Excellent durability

      Because the roots meter rotates without contact, the rotor is excellent in durability.

  • Small pressure loss

    The pressure loss is smaller than another displacement type flow meter because the rotors do not contact each other.

Suitable For:

  • Light Fuel Oil (Diesel)
  • Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
  • Heavy Oil
  • Other oil

Now with Electronic Display:

  • Battery replacement needless for 10 years
  • Easy-to-see large LCD Character new display unit
  • Easily adjustable display angle, adjusted at 15º steps over 180º range
  • Feasible to connect with various external devices: Pulse output / Analog output / Alarm output
  • Compatible with previous model

Model FGB, FRL Flowmeter
Accuracy ±0.5%
Flow range Refer to next table
Max Working Pressure 10kgf/cm2
Max Working Temperature FGB 1/2": 80 ºC (All type of oil)
FGB 3/4" & 1": 80 ºC kerosene, diesel and light oil, 120 ºC Heavy Oil
FRL All model: 50 ºC Kerosene, Diesel, Light Oil, 100 ºC heavy oil
Flange Rating JIS 10 kgf/cm2FF
Material Body:
FGB type: Bore 156mm - FC250 (Cast Iron), Bore 20, 25mm - FCD400 (Ductile Iron)
FRL type: FC250 Cast Iron
FGB type: Resin
FRL type: Aluminium alloy
Counter Unit Large Size Electronic Display
Output Pulse output / Analog output / Alarm output
(external power supply 12-24VDC is required)

Model Bore(mm) without output with output
FGB type 15 FGBB423BAL-75X FGBB423BAL-75P
FGB type 20 FGBB631BDL-75X FGBB631BDL-75P
FGB type 25 FGBB835BDL-75X FGBB835BDL-75P
FRL type 40 FRL0438BAA-75X FRL0438BAA-75P
FRL type 50 FRL0541BAA-75X FRL0541BAA-75P
FRL type 80 FRL0845BAA-75X FRL0845BAA-75P
FRL type 100 FRL1051BAA-75X FRL1051BAA-75P

Model Bore (mm) Flow Range (L/h) (Accuracy ±0.5%)
Fluid Kerosene
Light oil
A heavy oil B, C heavy oil
Viscosity 1.5mPa/s 5mPa/s 10~mPa/s 50~300mPa/s
Normal operation 40~200 10~200 5~200 -
100~1250 40~1250 20~1250 10~1250
150~3000 100~3000 50~3000 25~1250
Normal Operation Intermitent 1000~6000 800~7000 100~7000 10~6000
Continuous 1000~4500 800~6000 100~6000 100~4500
Normal Operation Intermitent 2000~13000 1500~15000 250~15000 250~13000
Continuous 2000~9000 1500~13000 250~13000 250~9000
Normal Operation Intermitent 5000~35000 3500~40000 600~40000 600~35000
Continuous 5000~25000 3500~35000 600~35000 600~25000
Normal Operation Intermitent 16000~120000 12000~130000 4000~130000 4000~120000
Continuous 16000~85000 12000~120000 4000~120000 4000~85000

Mechanical version of Tokico Oil Flowmeter 
(Click Picture to View)

Tokico Oil Flowmeter


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