Wind Speed, Wind Direction / Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

The Vaisala WXT530 is a series of weather instruments that provides six of the most important weather parameters, which are air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction through various combinations.

With the help of the built in analog to digital converters, you can turn the Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 into a small, cost effective weather parameter hub. Additional parameters include the solar radiation and external temperature sensor. Further, the analog mA output for wind speed and direction enables wide variety of industrial applications.

The WXT530 Series has a unique Vaisala solid state sensor technology. The precipitation measurement is based on the unique acoustic Vaisala RAINCAP Sensor without flooding, clogging, wetting, and evaporation losses.

Model Vaisala WXT530
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Remarks - Essential ​weather parameters in cost efficient package
- Measurement parameters are integrated into one multiparameter platform
- Flexible selection measurement parameters available
- Weather parameter hub having analog input options
- Set of 3rd party analog sensors can be connected (T, S.R, Level, T.P.)
- Digital interface incorporates also analog input parameters
- Separate Data and Service ports
- Analog output options
- Wide variety of digital communication modes
- Complies ISO60945 standard for maritime use
- DNV certificate approval process on-going
- Wide range of operating and heating voltages
- Compact, light-weight
- Easy to install
- No moving parts
- Configuration Tool for PC
- Works also with solar panels
- USB connectivity
- IP66 housing with the mounting kit
- Machine-to-machine interface

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WXT 530 series catalogue

Wind Speed, Wind Direction / Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

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