Precise Mass Flowmeter

Compact, self contained Kofloc Mass Flow Meters are designed to read flow rates of gases. The rugged design coupled with instrumentation grade accuracy provides versatile and economical means of flow control.

Model 3760, 3810, 5100, 8300, 5400
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Accuracy 1-5%
Remarks • The built-in microprocessor ensures highly-functional operation.
• Electric interchangeability with conventional models (analog)
• The general-purpose communication function is provided as standard. (RS232C/RS485-compatible)
• Device No. can be set.
• High-precision operation with high-resolution (14 bits or more) AD and DA
• Excellent stability
•A variety of functions by command operation
(Pattern setting, time axis pattern setting, etc.)
• Auto-zero function


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