Orifice Flowmeter for Liquid & Gases

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Liquid Flow Switch

RCM general purpose Flo-Guard II flow switches (liquid) reed switches make or break contacts by detecting the position of a magnet permanently attached to the bellow. Our reed switches can also be ordered for use in hazardous location (Option IS),  when fitted with LED's (Option LED) it provides viewing at a glance when flow rate goes below or above the set point  and makes field calibration easy


Orifice Flowmeter

The RCM Flo-Gage is a direct reading flow meter with a large, easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (GPM, SCFM, l/m, etc.) The Flo-Gage measures flow based on a pressure diffential created across a built-in calibrated nozzle. The meter is self-contained and complete, seperate orifices, or blocking, purging or equalizing valves

The Flo-Gage is suitable for measuring water, oil and most other low viscocity liquids which do not deposit out and which are compatible with the materials of construction. The Flo-Gage is also suitable for measuring compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and many other non-toxic compressed gases. (Specify Option I). Saturated steam can also be measured up to 120 psig. (Option K).

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