Modular spot-checking for various parameters

Vaisala handhelds are designed for demanding measurements in spot-checking applications. They are also ideal for field checking and calibration of Vaisala's fixed instruments. Handheld meters cover a range of measurements:

Each application can be addressed individually, or the probes can be easily changed for multi-parameter purposes.

Do you want to ensure your fixed instruments are indicating the correct numbers? Handhelds are specifically suitable for short-term measurements, either spot-checking or logging data for short period at specific point. With handhelds, it's easy to spot the incorrect device in multiple applications. The devices are light and portable, but still robust, intelligent, and intended for professional usage.

Key features

  • High-quality accuracy

  • Designed for professionals

  • Possibility to measure two parameters simultaneously

  • Light and portable

  • Easy to send to factory calibration

For more info please download the eguide here 

The purpose of this eGuide is to help to acknowledge when spot-checking and on-site calibration performed with handheld devices truly are beneficial, and what to consider to make the most out of the procedures. 

In the guide, you'll find

  • the rationale behind calibration

  • the factors that affect the need to calibrate

The guide also provides some specific information on calibration and spot-checking of

  • Relative humidity

  • Temperature

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Dew point temperature

  • Moisture in oil

The intent of this eGuide is to help the readers and their organizations determine the most appropriate activities that ensure the quality of their measurements. We hope this book provides the readers with a framework in which to place their own activities. 

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