Humidity & Temperature Transmitter - Wall Mounted

The two- and three-wire Vaisala INTERCAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMW80 is designed for use in energy management systems in buildings. They combine excellent stability with reliable operation. The HMW80 is easy to install: wire it to the terminal block at the transmitter bottom and close the housing with a snap-on lid to cover the electronics.

Low Maintenance Costs
The HMW80 humidity transmitters use the Vaisala INTERCAP® Sensor – an interchangeable capacitive humidity sensor. The transmitters require no recalibration if the sensoris changed. This means great savings in overall maintenance costs. The sensor is also insensitive to dust as well as to most chemicals.

Measures Both Humidity and Temperature The HMW80 transmitters are available in four models: HMW82 and HMW83 transmitters measure both humidity and temperature. They measure humidity with a ±3 %RH accuracy and with a stability
of ±3 %RH over 5 years. The accuracy of the temperature measurement is ±0.5 °C. Two other models, TMW82 and TMW83, measure temperature only.

Both 2- and 3-wire transmitters are also available: HMW82 and TMW82 are 2-wire (4 … 20 mA loop powered) transmitters, and HMW83 and TMW83 are 3-wire (0 … 10 V) transmitters.

The main features and benefits of the HMW80 series are:

  • Measurement range 0. . . 100 %RH and -5...+55 °C
  • Basic measurement accuracy ±3 %RH vs. ±0.5 °C
  • Combines excellent stability with easy installation and reliable operation
  • Fits EU/US/JPN junction box
  • No recalibration required
  • UL-V0 materials used

HMW60 is replacement for HMW40 and HMW50.

Model HMW80
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Measurement Range -5 to 55 °C, 0-100%rH
Accuracy Best ±0.5ºC, 3%rH
Output 4-20mA, 0-10V
Remarks The HMW80 product family consists of four products:

- HMW82. Humidity and temperature transmitter with two 4 . . . 20 mA loop powered outputs
- HMW83. Humidity and temperature transmitter with two 0 . . . 10 V outputs
- TMW82. Temperature transmitters with 4. . .20 mA loop powered output
- TMW83.Temperatur transmitter with 0 . . . 10 V output

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